When you want to install multiple packages from Cydia Sources, Cyder will help you to do it with easily. Cyder is a remote Cydia apps installer client. It’s very easy to install any multiple packages from your PC desktop. This application allows you to download, manage and move as .deb files from Cydia Sources to your’s any iDevices.

Latest version of Cyder is Cyder 2


It is very easy to install any Cydia packages with using both of Cyder  to your iDevice from your PC. First of all, you want to connect your iDevice to your PC or Mac. Now you can launch Cyder and wait until the application detected your iDevice.


Which Cyder application you are using to install to do this is depending on your choice.


Below has a screen shot of Cyder.

cyder 01

Below has a screen shot of Cyder 2.

cyder 02

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