Cydia is too slow? How to speed up Cydia?

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Are you searching alternative apps for Cydia, be coursed of the Cydia loading is too slow? Even if, people like Cydia, they turn for alternatives by complaining this. Now I’m going to tell you, how to speed up Cydia?. After reading this, you will never give up Cydia be coursed of this matter.

First of all, we must know the reason for that. As I think, the reason is Cydia ads. When loading Cydia or Cydia apps, there is loading some Cydia ads with it. So if we can remove these ads, Cydia will load fast than ever.

See below screen shot. You can see “a Wet Dialer” app, which is available in ModMyi repo has loaded with ads.

speed up Cydia 02

I will show you step by step that how to remove Cydia ads and what are therequirement for that. You need the PC and the WinSCP software to continue this. Someone doesn’t’t know about the WinSCP. Before the start the step guide, I like to introduce about this software. We need this software to open source files, to transfer files, and also you can get safe copied files between iDevices and the remote PC. SSH technology can be activated for the safe copy with the remote PC via many protocol such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure Copy Protocols, SSH FTP. SSH means Secure Shell.

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The full step guide with screen shots.

Step 01

Connect iDevice and the PC.

Step 02

Now open the WinSCP software i told you earlier. You are in “var” folder now.

speed up Cydia 02

Step 03

Then open the folder “stash”

speed up Cydia03

Step 04

“applications” folder wants to open now.

speed up Cydia04

Step 05

open the “Cydia” foder.

speed up Cydia05

Step 06

In this step you must select the “package.js” file.

speed up Cydia06

Step 07

Copy it into the your PC’s desktop.

speed up Cydia07

Step 08

You can see the “package.js” file in my desktop.

speed up Cydia08

Step 09

I recommend you to get a copy of this file into a new folder. Even if, the original file trash, you can use the backup file any time.

speed up Cydia09

Step 10

I made a folder as “adds” to paste the file.

speed up Cydia 10

Step 11

open the “package.js” file with word pad or note pad.

speed up Cydia 11

Step 12

Scroll down untill you can find the below line.

Var depiction = package.depiction

speed up Cydia 12

Step 13

Delete “package.depiction” and write down “null” instead it.

speed up Cydia 13

Step 14

Save the changes, we made “package.js” file.

speed up Cydia 14

Step 15

After saving the changes, move the “package.js” file in to same “Cydia app” folder.

speed up Cydia 15

Step 16

In this step, you have to re-open Cydia.

speed up Cydia 16

Step 17

It will be Reloading data.

speed up Cydia 17

Step 18

After reloading the data, go to “Manage” tab.

speed up Cydia 18

Step 19

In this step we want to check, our attempt is success or not. Open the “a Wet Dialer” app to make sure Cydia ads available or not.

speed up Cydia 19

Step 20

See below screen shots of “a Wet Dialer”. There is no any ads. It means our attempt was the success.

speed up Cydia 20

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Now you can see the difference of after removing ads, how fast loading Cydia. Now you know reason for the Cydia is too slow and how to speed up Cydia with removing Cydia and Cydia app ads, when loading Cydia. We invite you to enjoy with this. This method only works for to remove Cydia ads. There is another way to remove not only Cydia ads but also Apps store ads as well. It is a one of Cydia application which you can download via repo. SBAdBlockToggle is the application. It can block any unwanted ads. Very near future we will publish another article to show how to block ads with  SBAdBlockToggle

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