Cydia without Jailbreaking

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It is not secret that you must jailbreak your iDevices, if you want to download Cydia. Lots of people ask, without jailbreaking they can download Cydia. One and only answer is NO. There is no way to download and install Cydia without jailbreaking iDevices.

Actually, if any one try to download Cydia without jailbreaking, it is not reality. Cydia is an alternative for App store apps. It is not a app store app. It is a third party app. Apple has protected their iDevice’s system root, not to accept any applications, any extensions, any themes which are unavailable  in official app store. So without access to the system root, how we install third party applications, like Cydia.

There is one and only way to download and install Cydia. It is by breaking Apple App store’s system root. Jailbreak is the key for the Cydia. When you jailbreak the device, Cydia comes automaticaly for the iDevices. As my point of view, without Cydia, there is nothing iDevices. Why am I said like that? Reason is Cydia give more value for the iDevices. Actually, what is the Cydia. Cydia means the bundle of attractive apps, which are not available in app store apps.

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However, at the moment, there are huge no of Cydia alternative applications. Some of the apps not asking jailbreak status to install alternative app. So those alternatives still can install without jailbreak.

Here are the few Cydia alternatives app which is not requires jailbreak status.

Apple store

This is an official app store for Apple Devices and it not requires jailbreak. This is the real alternative app for Cydia.  However, with Apple store apps, users cannot customize the Device because Apple is not allowing to do that.


As name saying, it no more requires Cydia. This is a different type of application, which is affording third party application to Device customize. The downloading process related with a safari web browser.  However, like unique Cydia app, do not have countable applications like Cydia.

iMods Download

As per Developers this is the best solution for install third party applications with skip of jailbreak and Cydia download. The Developers publish re band jailbreak system to install it. After download it, you have to register under iMods and after you have own user name and password to access it.


Without jailbreak, users can install very similar Cydia app to the Device. However, it do not have enough applications like Cydia.

Why users searching to skip jailbreak to install Cydia?

Actually, most of the Apple users are afraid for jailbreak, and they are trying to skip jailbreak.  So with this skip process, not able to Device customize. Jailbreak process not damage the Device and if you have done incorrectly can restart again. So do not afraid to jailbreak.

Cydia alternative VS Cydia

Cydia is unique application, and it is cannot beat.  If you go to install Cydia alternative, not bale to install huge no of third party applications with them because there are not countable applications in alternative. Cydia is unique application and forgot alternative be tried to install it.


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