Fast Copy for Cydia

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Fast Copy tweak makes your iPhone’s cut or copy and paste much better and faster. From this tweak gives simply makes the iPhone to use improving. Normal Apple iPhone’s copy and paste feature also not bad.  However, it wastes your time. So Fast Copy is the best for that. Now exclusively available in Cydia Store. You can get it absolutely for free.

After download and install Cydia you can get this really faster and new tweak for free.  So why are you waiting ,get this tweak and make your iPhone’s Copy and Paste instant.

To do copy and paste normally, you must have to go to the editing menu. Then want to highlight which part you want to paste.  Before paste it that,  selected highlights want to make the copy. Then you want to go to place, which you want to paste it.  Now want to give paste tab to paste it.  Because of this tweak you don’t want to do this method more and more.  Fast Copy makes your Copy and Paste easier faster.

It is very easy to get this app from Cydia.Here is some description how to get and setup settings of Fast Copy tweak .

01. Download and install Cydia.

02. Install Cydia to your iDevice. There are lots of ways to restore Cydia to your iDevices. If you want to know about from Cydia free.

03. Now go to Cydia search option and type on it “Fast Copy

04. Then select “Fast Copy 1.0“ and press the install button to install it.

05. After finished the installation press the restart button to restart Springboard.

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Now Fast Copy app on your iDevice. Go and launch message editor. Type something to check this app ,works or not. After typing something try to edit an option by tapping on the text. At this stage, you can test. How is easy to work with Fast Copy?

You can download this tweak, just for free from BigBoss repo. Author of the FastCopy tweak is Comex.

Below the screen shots gives you some details of Fast Copy app.

fastcopy for cydia 01

fast copy for cydia 02

fast copy for cydia 03

Copy and paste app for iPhone in Cydia called copiercin. However, this Fast Copy and copiercin are different apps. Both are free packages, which can get from Cydia. New version of copiercin is now in Cydia. Enjoy with this both functions same but name different free app from Cydia just for free.

If you have any idea to upgrade your’s iDevice up to 5.1.1 and after that you want to work with Fast Copy with iOS 5.1.1, there is no possible to do it. Course, Fast Copy tweak is not compatible with iOS 5.1.1 yet. So we advice you not to upgrade your iDevice, if you have any idea to work with Fast Copy.

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