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Here after, Hackulo.us repo will not be working. Reason is it has been shutdown. Source developers didn’t say the reason to stop it yet. Any how, moreover we can’t download and install any Cydia apps, which were providing by Hackulo.us repo.

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Do you remember that via this blog we said about Hackulo.us repo.

You can get lots of premium cydia features via this repo. Even if Hackulo.us repo gives you paid cydia features, before the last purchase you will be given a chance to try applications for few trying periods. After finish the trial period, you will be able to buy those applications with easily.

This is not a default repo. How ever you can add this repo by typing URL of this source, via Add Source. 

Here is the URL


Popular Cydia Applications of this Repo

installous 4, AppSync for 4+,Hackulous Resources, Crackulous, AppSync for OS 3.1, AppSync for OS 3.2, Hackulous Security, Source GUI, ldone.


Now there is no way to work with this repo in the future. We have to turn alternatives instead this repo’s app.
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