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iFile is the one of the famous Cydia tweaks. Every jailbroken iDevices’s owner thinks that they must install this tweak for their iDevices. Because of that the developer of this app Carsten Heinelt redesigns this to suit for the iOS 7. Now it has updated iFile 2.0.0-1 previous version works for only iOSs 5+ and 6+. Now, new version of this app works for the iOS 7 devices.

What is the iFile download?

iFile allows you to browse fast and direct view of your iDevice’s entire root directory structure. This app work as the finder or Windows Explorer on your iDevice look likes Desktop or Mac. Actually, this works as popular file manager for jailbroken iDevices. Other than this, you can use this app to view file attributes, to install apps, to save images to the camera, to compressed files, to copy or move files, rename files, to delete files and many more things. This allows you to view files directly with many types.

Here is the supported file list.

Images, Movies, Sound, Text, HTML, Web archives, Microsoft (MS type), Apple iWork file, PDF’s and the Compressed files.

What are the supported iDevices?

iFile 2.0.0-1 works for iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch perfectly as the previous iFile app. This app works on 64 bit devices well such as iPhone 5S.

What are the new features of iFile?

Compressed files unzipping

It can import MP3s.

It can be used Dropbox and FTP to move file or from move file.

Bluetooth connectivity supports to send the file to another device.

Safari Download Manager can use to download files directly.

It works copy and paste well.

You can rename files easily.

It supports to move the file to any place.

You can use the app’s built-in web server to upload file or download file.

Besides above new features, it is available previous features as well in this version. It includes File explorer, File manager, Image viewer, Video player, Audio Player, DEB installer, Document viewer, Document editor, file uploader, Zip packing, Unzip packing as the old features in the new version as well.

You can buy this awesome app from the BigBoss repo with free trial.




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