iPhoneCake Repo

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iPhoneCake repo allows you to get famous premium applications. This repo is the little bit same to Hackulo.us repo. Now you know that the Hackulo.us repo has been shut down. So you can use this repo as alternative for the Hackulo.us repo. Course installous app which you gave you Hackulo.us repo’s app is very same to AppCake app giving you from this app. It means installouse app and AppCake app work in a similar way.

iPhoneCake repo allows you to download full applications as well as premium applications. So you can download both premium apps and full apps via this source to your Cydia features list.

URL of this repo



Popular Cydia applications

Street Fighter IV, Safari Download Manager, GTA, Chinatown Wars, Angry Birds, FIFA 2010, iSteamy, The Settlers, NFS Shift and TVUPlayer, Asphalt 5, FIFA 2011.

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