Jailbreak for Cydia

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We have categorized free and paid jailbreaking tools list. All of these tools download Cydia to your device automatically when you complete jailbreaking process. We recommend to use free tools for your jailbreak process.

Free jailbreaking tools and services

This is the best option if you have technical knowledge about iOS.  You can’t get any personal support among your jailbreaking process. Some services ( just like Jailbreak! )are providing support automatically according to your device and firmware version.

 Check free jailbreaking tools and services list

Professional Jailbreaking tools and services

If you don’t have a good technical knowledge or any knowledge about iOS we asked to use Professional Jailbreaking tool or service. Jailbreak is the completely legal process according to the USA laws. But apple hates to jailbreak. They can disable your device permanently if you can’t jailbreak correctly. There are no any Professional Jailbreaking tools and services for free.  you have to pay about $20-30 for your jailbreaking process.

Check Professional Jailbreaking tools and services list

You must jailbreak your device to install Cydia.  Jailbreak removes all limitations of the Apple device. You can’t install any third party application to your device without jailbreaking your device . Cydia is third party application, and it manages other all third party software packages just like applications, system extensions.

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You must Jailbtrak your device first to install Cydia (check bellow this post for free jailbreaking tools)

You have to use jailbraking application to jailbreak your device. We asked to use quality jailbreaking tool for jailbreak your device. Otherwise it may harm to your device.

All of this following jailbreaking tools and services download and install Cydia automatically after jailbreaking process

Jailbreak is a very simple process. You can do it within few minutes. When you jailbreak your device you can install any application with Cydia. And you can install themes and awesome applications which are not available in apple Appstor
You can get idea about Cydia applications from browsing through our most popular Cydia apps page.
You have to use jailbreaking software to jailbreak your device.  Most of the jailbreaking software work with Windows PC and Mac.

They cancel all software warranties permanently if you jailbreak your device.
Therefore, you must jailbreak your device at your own risk.

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87 thoughts on “Jailbreak for Cydia”

    1. What is your device model. If it is iPhone 4 you can use Redsn0w. otherwise you can use absinthe. Please refer our free jailbreaking tools list

      1. What button do you have to click to jailbreak? I’m trying to jailbreak this iPhone for long time… Please help me.. Thx :)

    1. Sorry ! cydia only support for apple iDevices which are run on iOS.So You can`t install cydia for motolorolaZ3 device.

      1. If you jailbreak device with redsn0w, Cydia will install. Ultrasn0w is not jailbreaking tool. it is unlocking tool for iPhones

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