ModMyi Repo

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ModMyi Repo also can get automatically as a default repo with Cydia. You don’t want to download and install to get features from Cydia. Many more themes, wall papers, many apps, most popular games and all types of apps can be downloaded via this.


Within few seconds, you can find and get massive features to your iDevices from this unavailable in official Apple stores. This Repo is one of the best Cydia Repos. As I think, without ModMyi, no iphone.

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 Repo url

ModMyi Repo 05


Here is the example for some apps.


01. iName.

ModMyi Repo 06


02. Mail More Photos.

ModMyi Repo 07


03. MT Gestures.

 ModMyi Repo 04


04.  Springtomize.

ModMyi Repo 05


05.  StarDial.

ModMyi Repo 06


06. IntelliScreenX

modmyi repo 08

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