Download SeasOnpass 5.2

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SeasOnpass latest version 5.2 was released.  This tool helps to jailbreak Apple TV 2 running iOS 5.2. SeasOnpass tool is available, both Windows and Mac versions. For Windows users support XP or later. For Mac users support 10.6 or later.

SeasOnpass 08

Latest version of SeasOnpass has introduced below features as new.


AirPlay Mirroring

Wall Street Journal Live

Photo Streaming

Hocky National League

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It is very easy to jailbreak Apple TV 2G with using latest version. Here is the step guide.

Step guide for Windows users

Step 01

Download SeasOnpass into your desktop.

5.2 for Windows
5.2 for Mac

Step 02

It will be downloaded as the zip file. Extract it to the same place. Then run SeasOnpass.exe file.

step 03

To start jailbreak process, select “Create IPSW”.

Download SeasOnpass 5.2 01

Step 04

It will be downloaded latest Apple TV software.

Download SeasOnpass 5.2 02

Step 05

It will create custom IPSW file.

Download SeasOnpass 5.2 03

step 06

Now, connect your Apple TV with Mac or PC using micro USB cable. Make sure to disconnected power cable.

At this stage, it will ask to put in to DFU mode. Seas0nPass will give you a message to enter the DFU mode. After connect USB, press and hold MENU and PLAY/PAUSE button for 7 seconds.

Download SeasOnpass 5.2 06

Step 07

Seas0nPass will be given some files and messages to start the restoring, after detecting the DFU mode. See following screen shots.

Download SeasOnpass 5.2 07

Download SeasOnpass 5.2

step 07 03

Step 08

After complete the restoring, your Apple TV 2G has been jailbroken. See below screen shot. It means jailbreak was successful.

Download SeasOnpass 5.2 09

SeasOnpass 07

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6 thoughts on “Download SeasOnpass 5.2”

  1. What is the best jailbreak tool for Apple TV2G? After jailbreak my apple TV 2G ,Is it allow to watch paid channel?

    1. Yes you can available paid channels for free if you have jailbroken your Apple Tv.
      But it is not legal
      You can watch channels like sky tv

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